Talent Acquisition & Recruiting

You have found your ideal candidate and have agreed on the details of their position. It is a great feeling, but it is only half the battle. Now you need to see if they will be a great fit and if they will stay.

Our search and consulting services help you attract and retain top talent with an efficient, scalable and measurable approach. We help you ensure there is alignment between your company culture and who you are hiring and help you spend less in the process.

Search Services

Our flexible, efficient and fresh approach to search helps promote your growth and contain costs. We help determine appropriate candidate fit for companies of all sizes and can help during high growth periods to ensure an efficient and timely flow of quality candidates.

We have placed hundreds of people because of our extensive network and unique approach. We partner with you every step of the recruiting and hiring process and are successful in filling even the toughest roles. While we have a history of placement focus in IT, software development, HR, marketing, sales and executives for early-stage companies, we can help your team manage any search.

Engagements may include:

  • Candidate sourcing strategy
  • Evaluation and selection strategy
  • Interviewing tool development and training
  • Assessments, interview guides and interviewer training
  • New hire onboarding and orientation
  • Early productivity, employee engagement and positive reinforcement over first 90 days.

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