Organizational Design & Redesign

When your company has a solid organizational design and structure, your team can achieve its goals. That is because they understand where you are headed, how teams are aligned, what the processes are, and who is accountable.  

We can evaluate your current organizational structure and help you make changes as needed. We also can work with you to start from scratch to create a new function, department, workflow, or even your first reporting structure. Our simple and efficient approach to complex issues, as well as our easy to implement solutions, translate to substantial cost savings and value creation for your company.  

Engagements may include:  

  • Alignment of culture with vision and strategic plan 
  • Change management and communication planning 
  • Compensation model design 
  • Goal setting process and strategic objective alignment 
  • Job description creation 
  • Role definition 
  • SWOT analysis of roles, processes and reporting relationships against strategy 

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