Organizational Design & Redesign


Good organizational design provides the structure by which an organization and its members can achieve their vision of the future, through sound strategic planning, alignment of teams and process, and management of accountability.   How work is done, the business processes, and how information is shared, all directly affect how well an organization performs.

Our simple and efficient approach to complex issues, as well as our easy to implement solutions, translates to substantial cost savings and value creation for our clients.

SilverLine can assist clients in evaluating their organizational structure, and make change when needed.  We also can work with you to start from scratch to create a new function, department, work flow, or even your first reporting structure.  Some of the services available include:

  • Review of articulated vision and alignment with strategic plan
  • Review of Culture and alignment with vision and strategic plan
  • SWOT analysis of roles, processes and reporting relationships against strategy
  • Review of goal setting process and alignment with strategic objectives
  • Role definition
  • Job Description Creation
  • Compensation Model Design
  • Change Management and Communication Planning


  • Implementation and management of change at organization, department, or team, level.
  • Leadership Coaching
  • Team Coaching
  • Individual Coaching