Culture Creation and Management

Culture is the very essence of a company.  It is what your employees see, feel, and experience when they walk into your workplace.  An articulated culture provides a framework of values, behaviors, and environment to help smart, creative people expedite their decision making process and make your organization more productive.   A strong, integrated, and managed culture will guide who and how you hire, promote, reward – and even who you ask to leave.

SilverLine isn’t going to tell you who you should be, but we can certainly help you to figure out you who you are today, and assist in bridging any gaps that may exist.  Regardless if you are ready for the “best company to work for” award, or are considered a house of horror, we can help you improve, and imbed the cultural aspects that are important to you in everything you do.

Our assistance with culture is customized to client needs.  Often we tap into the following types of services to assist with culture:

  • Leadership interviews
  • Employee interviews
  • Corporate Values, Behaviors, and Environment Creation, Definition and Use
  • Culture implementation and integration
  • Change Management and Communication Planning