Recruiting / Talent Acquisition

Finding and sealing the deal with a top candidate is a great feeling, but it is only half the battle.  How do you know if they will be a fit to the company once they start?  Will they stay?

Through both our search and consulting services, SilverLine can help you attract and retain top talent with an efficient, scalable and measurable approach.  We can help you ensure there is alignment between your company culture and who you are hiring, and help you spend less in the process.


  • Candidate Sourcing Strategy
  • Evaluation & Selection Strategy
  • Interviewing Tool Development & Training: SilverLine can help your team develop the tools needed to ensure candidates are up to snuff for your organization. Interview guides, assessments, and interviewer training are all options we provide.
  • New Hire Onboarding & Orientation: We work with companies to ensure the best possible new hire experience, assisting with new employee engagement, early productivity, and positive reinforcement over their first 90 days.
  • Intern Program Development: Interns are a great feeder pool of talent. If you provide a good internship experience, it can pay your organization back in spades.  Let us help you create a program that can become your most valuable and cost effective source for hiring.


SilverLine offers flexible, efficient and fresh approach to search. Our flexible models promote your growth in a cost contained way. As a result, we are uniquely suited in to assist during high growth periods, for companies of all sizes, with a knack for figuring out if candidates will fit in with your environment.

Placing hundreds of people in our history, we have a robust network and a unique approach. We will partner with you, give you the attention you deserve, and find you qualified and interested candidates quickly. Tough to fill roles have a special way of finding us as well, and while we have had a focus in IT, Software Development, HR, Marketing, Sales and Executives for early stage companies, we are comfortable we can take the burden of your team for any search.


Landing a great candidate from out of town can be difficult, but additional challenges are brought about when their spouse will be relocating their career as well. SilverLine offers career transition services to the trailing spouse to help get them ready to interview, get them networked in their field, and help them prepare an actionable plan of attack in the new market. If your company is often relocating its hires, SilverLine can help you close the deal.