HR / Talent Management


SilverLine’s Outsourced HR services are perfect for environments where an organization isn’t ready for their first full-time head of HR.  Whether it be culture building, performance management, compensation strategy, leadership coaching, or even the day-to-day employee relations/conflict resolution, this is all in their wheel-house.

SilverLine can provide consistent on-site or remote support, as well as on-call or as-needed support depending on the needs of your business.


Your people are valuable, especially your top performers. Do you know who they are?  Do they know how much you value them?  How are you keeping them motivated?  Is the bar high enough?

SilverLine helps clients create a high performance environment by aligning the organization’s mission, culture and objectives with individual performance measurement.  We develop strategies, tools and training to increase individual performance and team performance, as well as reduce attrition that your organization will regret.  Some of the solutions available include:

  • Performance Review Approach, Planning & Training
  • Organizational and Individual Goal Setting
  • Performance Improvement Planning
  • Development Planning
  • Succession Planning


SilverLine can help your team define the pay and incentive strategies that will align with your business needs, motivate and retain employees, and reward top performance.  Whether you need to define the entire compensation philosophy and approach, or look at how to incentivize a certain function, SilverLine can assist.


  • Compensation Philosophy Evaluation & Establishment
  • Pay-for-Performance Strategies
  • Sales Commission Plans
  • Bonus Structures
  • Compensation Administration
  • Salary Survey Comparison Data