May 5, 2015

Screen-shot-2014-07-04-at-2.14.40-PM1“In her work with JumpStart, Julie was exactly what you hope for in any partner: a “pro’s pro” at what she does, someone both very easy and professional to work with, and a member of our team (fitting in with our existing talented group) from her first day.  This is no accident:  she is very deliberate about delivering all three of these qualities for every assignment.

She doesn’t just deliver on what’s needed: she does so in a way that fits with the style and culture of the organization.

It’s no surprise therefore that her results at JumpStart were fantastic; the people she brought to JumpStart are exceptional performers who not only fit well from day one, but have also contributed to and made our culture even better.  Julie directly contributed to our exceptional team, and we are both grateful and privileged to have worked with her to do that.

I would not hesitate for a second to ask for her help again if needed.”