Not sure if SilverLine is the right partner for you?  Contact us to discuss options on the customized solutions we provide.

Many of our clients classify themselves in one of the following categories:

  • Too small for in-house HR leadership
  • Ready to add HR leadership, but in need of guidance on how to do so
  • Established, but in need of assistance to supplement or coach an in-house HR team
  • In need of strategic guidance or project ownership in a specific area of human resources
  • Experiencing or planning for major growth
  • Experiencing or anticipating major change
  • Experiencing sub-optimal team performance
  • Experiencing high turnover
  • Struggling to achieve desired results (revenue, work output, etc.)
  • In need of leadership development at any level (individual contributor through C-level executive)
  • Some of our clients listed here


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SilverLine has broad experience across many industries, including manufacturing, retail, technology, consulting, and consumer products, and spans a vast range in size and complexity.  From Start-up to Fortune 500, high rate organic growth to mergers and acquisitions, SilverLine brings a wealth of experience from our clients to leverage in partnering with you on your specific business needs.