yesko400x343Erica Yesko has been partnering with SilverLine since May of 2016. Erica brings more than 10 years of experience in Change Management, Organization Design, Culture Building, and Leadership Development. She has spanned industries such as technology, public accounting, and telecommunications, and has worked in companies from $1Billion in revenue to pre-revenue start-ups, and everywhere in between. Erica has led individual functions such as Sales, Operations, and Client Services, and has worked at the C-level on strategy, organization design, culture articulation, change management, and leadership development. Most recently, Erica worked as the Executive Vice President of Capabilities at Veritix (AXS) with Sam Gerace, building and aligning the company’s people, process, and culture to support rapid growth. Erica has been a trusted advisor and coach to multiple CEOs. She is also a Master Coach and does periodic teaching of Leadership Development and coaching through Case Western Reserve University. She holds her undergraduate degree in Honors Psychology from the University of Michigan, and her Masters in Positive Organization Design (MPOD) from Case Western Reserve University. Erica is also certified in Leadership Development through Emotional Intelligence.

“I have worked in companies of all types and sizes. I find tremendous joy and meaning in working with any individual, team, or leader who has a vision they are looking to achieve and is willing to make necessary changes to achieve that dream. I love the entrepreneurial, start-up and growth company space because to survive and thrive they must embrace change, and adapt quickly. The work is exciting and the people are passionate!”

“I am honored to be partnering with SilverLine alongside Julie and the outstanding group of consultants she has assembled. Julie has done search and HR work for me at past companies, and she has truly revolutionized the world of recruiting. She brings authenticity, integrity, strong process, an unrelenting commitment to achieving results and a sense of humor that makes her the very best at what she does.”